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Southern Serbia

I flew with Norwegian from Stockholm down to Belgrade on Tuesday evening. At the airport Vladica, coordinator for some of the Roma churches in southern Serbia met me.



Ministry in Asia

In March of 2011 David & David went to a country in South-Asia to minister. First to teach and then to conduct a festival.

asia 5

Festival in Asia

Again, I had the joy, grace and privilege of going on a mission trip with Swedish Pioneer Mission to the unreached people and fulfill the Great Commission.




Persecuted for his faith

Daniel is studying in a Bible school in a Muslim country in Asia. He was a devout Muslim until four years ago when he accepted Jesus as his Savior and Lord.


Pioneer Mission wish you a merry Christmas and a blessed Happy New Year 2011!


Thanks for all your prayers and support during this past year! We are looking forward to the challenges on the missionfield 2011. 

In the middle of January Michael and Patrik are heading towards Sri Lanka to prepare for coming trainingschool and festivals. 


Jesus is the reason for the season!

vladica familjy

Hope for Serbia

Vladica lives with his family in Leskovac, about 300 kilometres south of Belgrade. He has a desire to give the good news to the 700 000 roma people who live in the country. 


Festival in the mountains

We have finished a wonderful but quite tough Jesus Festival in the mountain areas of this exotic island.


Reports after festival

David recently met one pastor in Southeast Asia who told him about some of the results after the festival that Pioneer Mission had earlier this year.


Success for the gospel

In the beginning of July David was in a town in the mountain areas of a country in Southeast Asia

srilanka 017

Great joy in the mountains

David Oliw, Anders Eklund and I was up in the mountains in the inland of a smaller country in Asia in the beginning of March. We did a village campaign together with a few local churches.




Crossroad far away

Prijana went to Canada to study. He was not a professing Christian at that time. But after seven years in the country, he got to know Jesus.



Festival in Asia

In the end of February Pioneer Mission hosted a Jesus festival in South-East Asia.


Vision for Mission

For the second year Swedish Pioneer Mission arranged a mission conference in Mullhyttan. Patrik Olofsson was one of the speakers.



Festival in Asia

I´m on the train on my way home to Småland after my trip and the festival in south-east Asia. Read more...




Completion of IPMI

Mikael returned from south-east Asia in the end of last week and the completion of IPMI step 1. Read more...



Festival in Sri Lanka

In the end of March, beginning of April David Billström visited Sri Lanka. He ministered in different churches and preached in festival in the mountains.



IPMI- modul 4

I returned home a few days ago from South-East Asia. Again you are fascinated by the fact that in 20 hours you you can travel almost half around the globe... from tropic climate to snow and cold... from rice fields and banana trees to frost in the ground. 



Nurlaila received Christ     

Nurlaila, a lady from south-east Asia earlier worked in a mosque. A few years back she had a very tough time due to several reasons.

välkomstmöte för tage 2


Tage Sjöberg - Pioneer of Mission

I never met my grandfather since he went to be with the Lord about two years before I was born. Yet I have to say that he is the one who has influenced my life the most.







Itinerary 2011


20 June-2 July - Sri Lanka (PO)

29 June-11 July - Sri Lanka (DB+AC)

2-12 Sept - Sri Lanka (DO)

8-12 Sept - Bosnien (MB)

12-25 Oct -  Sri Lanka (JS)

31 Oct-14 Nov - Sri Lanka (MB+JP) 



IPMI - modul 3 (jan 2009).

Festival in Pakistan

Mission Conference in Mullhyttan

Nias after the tsunami





Pictures from some of our Jesus Festivals


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