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Tage Sjöberg - Pioneer of Mission

I never met my grandfather since he went to be with the Lord about two years before I was born. Yet I have to say that he is the one who has influenced my life the most. In his fifties he was healed of cancer and after that his international ministry started.


Tage was born 1901 in Bollnäs, Sweden. After pastoring in Bollnäs and Söderhamn he was in the early 1930s one of the associates of Lewi Pethrus in the Filadelfia church in Stockholm. Thereafter he was pastoring in New York, Helsinki and Örebro.


During the war in Finland his life was protected many times due to obvious godly interventions and because he was listening and obedient to the voice of the holy Spirit.


But in his fifties he got a serious tumour that attacked one of the kidneys and then the cancer spread to other parts of the body. The doctors opened his body but closed it again, realizing that the tumour could not be removed. A few days after he had come home with the ambulance, the doctor came to see him. He clearly said that there was not much to do than to give him painkillers so that the last days would not be too hard.


Tage was ready to leave this earth and move home to his heavenly home. But he talked with God to get 15 additional years, like Hezekiah in the Old Testament. Tage made a promise unto God that if his life was prolonged he would give the rest of his life to mission, to go to the darkest places on earth.


During this time many cried out to God and prayed for his healing. One night the Lord appeared in a light and revealed his presence in the kitchen where my grandmother was praying. "Don´t look upon the sickness, count on me, a miracle will take place", she heard the voice say. She stood up and went in to her husband and gave him the message.


After this my grandfathers health improved day by day. A few years later a surgery could be done to remove the tumour completely. At the same time he kept his promise unto God and his international ministry started with periods in Greece, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Japan and Sri Lanka.

































The years that my grandfather got he gave to mission. In some places new churches were planted. He taught in bibleschools where young people were educated. He was also involved in social reliefwork.

He initiated fellowship among different churches and he lived another 15 years and an extra two years.


I remember how deeply touched I was in my twenties when I got ahold of his life through his diaries. These describe in detail his travels to the listed countries. He gave his prolonged life to mission. The question is: How do I live my life? All of us have a life that we are accountable for. With this background I and my family have chosen to live and work in some of the listed countries. This is something that we want to continue with in the future.


Josef Sjöberg 




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