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Posted 2011-02-16 

Daniel is studying in a Bible school in a Muslim country in Asia. He was a devout Muslim until four years ago when he accepted Jesus as his Savior and Lord. He and his family were then forced to flee from family and friends. For the past year he has not had any contact with them. 

Daniel grew up in a fanatic Muslim family with three brothers and three sisters who very faithfully and regularly followed the Muslim traditions. Daniel himself was a devout Muslim fanatic who regularly visited the mosque and read the Koran. He went through a period of education and training in the north of the country for jihad - the holy war. The family had their own company making jewelry. They had many servants. 

On one occasion when he was reciting the Quran, he came to the verses dealing with the magic and power. He became so interested in this and wanted to get that power. He made contact with a Muslim magician who gave him training in how to take part of this force. 

One day his friend took him to a Christian "magician". When Daniel arrived, Matthew 11:28 was recited for him, "Take my yoke upon you and learn of me, for I am meek and lowly in heart. And ye shall find rest unto your souls. "

When he heard this, he was so surprised. Who is this? What an amazing personality! He thought of Muhammad who were not in a position to provide comfort and protection. In the Quran it tells how Muhammed asks for prayer so that he can get comforted. "An incredible difference," Daniel thought. He asked the magician, "who is this?" He was told that this was about the prophet Jesus Christ. When he got home he could not forget the Bible verse from Matthew. 

At night when he was sleeping in his room a light came and he heard the same verse again. "Take my yoke upon you and learn of me, for I am meek and lowly in heart. And ye shall find rest unto your souls." A person invited him to come to him. Daniel first became afraid but then went out of bed. 
   - That night I will never forget, "says Daniel. It was wonderful. 

The next day he stayed home from work from his factory. He went to the Christian "magician" and told about his dream. Daniel asked, "Who was that?" The "Magician" told him that it was Jesus Christ himself. Daniel had a Bible which he read day and night. In one month he had read the whole Bible.
- In it, I got the whole truth, says Daniel. I confessed all the sins that I had done in my life and I received Jesus in my life. 

No one in the family knew anything about what had happened, only his wife who saw how he read the Bible all the time. Somewhat later in the midst of Ramadan Daniel was fasting for eleven days. On the twelfth day in the night his wife had a similar dream where Jesus told her: "I have chosen you and your husband for the Great Commission." 

When the conversion got known for his family and friends, he and his wife and their two children had to leave the house with just a few clothes.

- They chased us, says Daniel. From town to town, they were looking after us.
At one point they got hold of him and took him home. After he renounced his property, his possessions and his rights, he managed to escape. 

At the time of the interview, he has not had any contacts with his relatives in a year - they have no idea where he is. And for four years as a Christian, he has not regretted his faith.
- Everyday Jesus has helped me or given me what I need. Right now I'm on a three-year Bible college training where I get teaching so that I eventually can effectively preach the word of God.
- I am very satisfied with the teaching at the chool, explains Daniel. I do not know where to go after school. But wherever God leads me, I will go and preach the gospel. I want to go to the difficult areas where the preaching is limited, difficult or prohibited.  


Note: Daniel is not his real name





Text & photo: Swedish Pioneer Mission