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Nurlaila received Christ      Publicerad: 2009-04-29


Nurlaila, a lady from south-east Asia earlier worked in a mosque. A few years back she had a very tough time due to several reasons.


One day she therefore decided to commit suicide. She had prepared poision that she would drink. But as she was going to drink it, somebody from behind made her drop the glass. It broke. Nurlaila turned around but nobody was there. She fell on the floor and started to cry. She saw a light and a cross. She understood that it was about the Christian God.


She got a Bible from a Christian neighbour. In a month she secretly read the whole Bible. Slowly she started to understand and put to practice the Christian faith.


During this time one of her daughters had a dream. She heard a voice who said: Matthew chapter eleven and verse twenty-eight. She got a Bible from a classmate. Secretly she started to read.


Suddenly one day a stranger came to the family asking for the girl. The mother thought that it was somebody from the school. When the girl came out from her room where her mother and the stranger were standing, the guest asked: "Have you made up you mind to follow Jesus?" The girl was embarrased and afraid of her mother, because now she understood that she was a believer. But the daughter had never seen this person before! Then the mother told what had happened to her.


At this time the son came home and found out what had happened. He was wondering if the mother was angry since the daughter now was a believer. Then he told that he secretly had visited a church twice. One day in a dream he had seen hell and how people fell down into the fire. But somebody held on to him so that he would not fall. Very quickly, the stranger then disappeared. Surely he was an angel.


As time went by the father got to know what had happened and he was not happy at all. He became so angry that he wanted to kill his wife. He found a knife and aimed at her throat.




But in the same moment an unvisible power hit him so that he dropped the knife and ran away. And he has not come back since. Today the mother and the children are followers of Christ and testify to others about their faith. They have been threatened to life many times, but they get their strength from God. Pray for this family since they feel the pressure from people around.


(Nurlaila is not her real name)






(The persons on the picture has nothing to do with the article.)