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Festival in the mountains



We have finished a wonderful but quite tough Jesus Festival in the mountain areas of this exotic island. The location was a small town, about a thousand meters above sea level, nine hours by car east of the capital.

In recent months, the preparation work for our local team has been very intense. The twelve small local churches that exist in this strongly buddhist dominant area, had worked very hard. Despite their excellent preparation work and the fact that Jesus, as usual, was faithful and confirmed the gospel with several powerful healing miracles, the people of the city were very cautious in the first two evenings.

During Friday and Saturday night we felt that the atmosphere slowly began to change and more people began to come to the meetings. The miracles became stronger and stronger, and many testified about how they were healed of their diseases. Among other things, a deaf girl, seven years, got back her hearing. Her mother shouted for joy when she noticed that the girl heard what she said (see picture below). A man who had been one-side paralyzed for a long time was healed. Several with very severe asthma testified about how they were healed during prayer. A boy 15-year-old, who has not been able to walk, got up and started walking!

During Sunday night, when the last meeting of the campaign was held, it loosened up quite a lot! Many new people came and there was a strong atmosphere of expectation in the meeting! When the salvation call went out, it filled the square in front of the stage with a large number of people. What a joy it was for us to finally experience this great response!

I like to work in teams, and this time I worked together with my good friend Micael, evangelist from Stockholm. And during the days Daniel Elfving and John Ted Berge taught in the local leadership seminars that we organized.


We felt it was important to encourage these brave men and women who steadfastly are fighting the good fight of faith to witness for Jesus and make disciples in this spiritually challenging area. Now they rejoice over the harvest and will now visit those who completed the follow-up during the festival.

In the team was also 20 people from two bibleschools. The team members walked daily around the city and testified about Jesus. They just did a fantastic job and are also much in this breakthrough

Mikael B.


(Photo: Sebastian Strand & Swedish Pioneer Mission)




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