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Great joy among the mountainpeople

Posted 2010-05-03


David Oliw, Anders Eklund and I was up in the mountains in the inland of a smaller country in Asia in the beginning of March. We did a village campaign together with a few local churches.


It says in the Bible that Jesus went to the cities and the villages and so do we. It was a great satisfaction both among the local believers and in our team to come to this region, a place where no one expect something special to happen, especially not that someone wants to spend time and resources to have a campaign. The local pastors had been working hard with the preparations and their eyes were shining when they saw result from their hard work.


The first night David Oliw was preaching and we had a small group of people that had gathered. As an evangelist you always want to see many and even more, so the thought where are the people? was going through our minds. But Jesus is wonderful and he knows what he is doing. That night a highly respected manager from the tea estate was present together with his wife. Earlier he had made some problems for the local believers, but this night he was standing on the platform and testified that Jesus had healed his neck. The next night it was easy to preach, the crowd had doubled and Jesus continued to save, heal and set people free. What a privilege to serve Jesus! His gospel is full of power and changes persons, families and regions.


We also saw other types of miracles; one night a husband who was not a believer came to us and told us that his wife, suddenly had left him with the children and just disappeared three months ago. The husband and the children were heartbroken. But that night we asked God to restore the family and then we told the husband to receive his wife with open arms and love, if she would come back. The next day the man came full of joy and told us that his wife had called him and told that she would come back and that they should not worry. Then the man told us that earlier during the campaign he had said to God; "if you exist, I ask you for a sign". Jesus heard and answered that prayer! What a mighty Jesus we have. He can really do the impossible.


The last night was a night of joy before the Lord. Our local coordinator told us that it is very uncommon to see this people express such joy and freedom like they did. More than 350 persons filled the address cards during this campaign. All the glory to Jesus and thanks to you who are standing with us in this work.

David Billström




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