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Festival in Asia - December 2010

Posted 2011-02-07 

Again, I had the joy, grace and privilege of going on a mission trip with Swedish Pioneer Mission to the unreached people and fulfill the Great Commission.


This was my third trip with SPM. It's a wonderful feeling to travel to the third world, everything is so different. 

One of my strongest impressions of the trip was when I and Michael went for a walk to a village of about five hundred people right next to where we stayed. We spoke to a group of people. Soon the conversation was about Jesus, and they told us that they had seen the Jesus Film. They said they liked the film but didn´t remember everything. A sentence that they said really got stuck in my head: "When will you come and tell us more about this?" There was a great longing for Jesus who is so amazing. 

During our stay in the country we taught a class of twenty prospective pastors and churchplanters. The topic was "My identity in Christ and all that I am and have in Him." It was a fantastic experience! What a hunger for God's word, they listened with open ears, took notes and just swallowed the teaching that was given. We may take this teaching for




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granted but these people have never heard of this. They were totally blessed!


The major goal of the trip was the festival nights. It was amazing to see when people came to faith in Jesus. The message of the gospel was given in a very strong and powerful way from the pulpit. There was a very big response among those who were in the tent. Outside, there were a lot of men with arms folded. A few responded but unfortunately not all. 

We had the privílige of seeing miracles. I will not forget the 10-year-old girl who had a cancer tumor as the size of a fist on her back, but Jesus healed her. Her mother came to testify that it was true and then we got to know that she had had problems with her eyes, but now she was healed.


One woman had had such a pain in the body for 15 years, that she could hardly move. It was a great joy to see her move around without any problem.


Many thanks to Michael and David. Already looking forward to the next adventures! 

Roger Engstrom





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