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Festival in Asia

Posted 2010-03-08

In the end of February Pioneer Mission hosted a Jesus festival in South-East Asia. Mikael Boman went with David Oliw and Roger Engstrom from Vetlanda Sweden.

- At the beginning of the festival, it was very tough, Michael says. But every day we experienced how the gospel took place in people's hearts.

- During the last three days we witnessed a clear breakthrough. One reason was that during the third night a Muslim paralyzed boy was completely healed. His grandfather had taken him to the meeting. He got the news that that people had been healed in the festival. This miracle was so clear and his grandfather was so happy, so the next night the audience was tripled.

The last night the team challenged the people to throw away their amulettes which they are using to enter into a pact with evil spirits.

- We asked the people to turn away from their dead works and begin to follow Jesus, Mikael says. Several hundred people took off their amulettes..

The team also held seminars for church planters.









mikael predikar nära folket

Mikael preaching


döv kvinna helad 2010 feb bangladesh jogdol

Deaf woman healed

m.pojken med sin farfar + mb     m.pojken går

A muslim boy healed...      walking...



roger e.     david ol

Roger Engström preaching    A girl healed...


ipmi elev i bangladesh

 Seminars for the church planters.


mikael boman med ipmi bangladesh bra



   Church planters