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Published 2009-05-25


Mikael returned from south-east Asia in the end of last week and the completion of IPMI step 1.


- I am overwhelmd by the results that the students at IPMI has accomplished, Mikael tells. 

 - They have worked actively to set goals to reach more people. In January we started helping them with this.


A group of students felt how  God  led them to the owner of a rehabilitation center - a hindu. From him they got favour. They started to teach who Jesus is and what he had done in their lives.

- So far 15 people has responded to the gospel and given their lives to Jesus Christ, Mikael says.


Another group felt an inner urge to start a church in a nearby city. They started with a cellgroup. This was in the beginning of the year. It has now grown to tweny people.


A group of young girls in the late teens said at the graduation:

- We have a burden for our friends and our neighbourhood, but we have been afraid. The training that we have received has helped us understand how we can give the gospel to our friends.

- Four people have received Jesus, Mikael says.


A young  woman said was encouraged.

- Now we understand that there are people that believe in us. And we now have the courage to share the gospel.

- A group of young men has won three of their friends, and one of them has been baptized, Mikael continues.


Step one is now completed. Mikael says that Pioneer Mission will go on with mentoring the students in these three cities in the fall and next year.

- We will continue to teach, and become more practical, setting goals. We don´t set any goals for them, they have to set their own.

- That's the strength in this concept. That they find ways how this is going to work. 






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