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Posted 2010-02-03

Prijana went to Canada to study. He was not a professing Christian at that time. But after seven years in the country, he had got to know Jesus. Now he is back in his home country to do everything he can to spread the gospel.

Prijana grew up in one of the biggest cities in his home country in south-east Asia, 150 kilometers southeast of the capital. His father was a businessman. On his mother's side all were Buddhists, on his father's side they were nominal Christians. When he got older, his parents sent him to Toronto, Canada for studying. He would stay there for seven years.

 - During my training, I was saved because of a friend Prijana says. He had asked if I wanted to go on a retreat. When I got there I heard the gospel and realized that I needed Christ. I was born again. And since then I have followed him. 

At the university Prijana began to help a christian student organization. He played the drums in a worship team. They had meetings for young people and students. In 1991 he took his bachelor's degree in management.

Prijana had many chances to stay in Canada. His girlfriend Rohani, also from his home country, had a job when Prijana graduated. And he almost replied "yes" to a job request. But the Holy Spirit put a burden in him for his home country.

- I attended a youth retreat that really challenged us students to become missionaries and churchplanters. God's love filled my heart. I got the invitation when I heard God's word, and I wanted to bless my homeland.

- I wanted to go back and do anything to spread the kingdom of God. I shared this with Rohani. She understood what to expect and agreed.








At first Prijanas family could not accept what he experienced and his plans for the future. Now he can understand it.

- They sent me to Toronto to get an education, Prijana says. But as time passed, they accepted my decision to follow Christ. They blessed me and told me that even if I would like to become an evangelist, it was okay. 

Now Prijana is in full-time service for God. He is pastoring a church in his home country. At the same time he is a "tentmaker", he has a  business which is supplying him, his wife and their four children. (Two years after leaving Canada, they married.)

- Now I live in a small town, the name means a crossroad far away. God has brought me here. I pray that God will use me to reach this place, Prijana concludes. 


Text: Pioneer Mission